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123movies – Watch Movies Online Info – Movies Upcoming Release Date, Reviews and Box Office Collection: Most of the people all around the world are ditching cable and turning on to streaming websites. 123movies is considered to be one of the most popular websites that exist out there. Its popularity relies on the fact that it has a vast selection of titles. People can find out movies that were most recently released in the theatres. However, these streaming sites are also known to require caution as many of them are actually illegal and may also infect your computer with malware. In this particular article we are going to be reviewing 123movies and answer few of the most obvious questions including what 123 movies is all about, is 123 movies legal, is it safe, what happened to the original 123movies.dot streaming site and whether one should watch movies on 123movies.

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What is 123movies?

To put it in simple terms, 123movies is actually a video streaming site that is known to allow its users to stream pirated movies. There exist hundreds of similar sites out in the net. In fact, 123movies free is also a part of a network of dozens of multiple clone websites.

123movies along with the other streaming sites are known to provide its visitors with large catalogue titles that are known to include new releases. A person doesn’t need to log in or even create an account. They can simply click on the title that they would want to watch and then begin streaming on their computers or any internet connected devices.

Most of the movies and television shows can be found on 123movies. Besides the new blockbuster films that are known to have recently appeared in theatres, one can also find titles belonging to other popular streaming sites including Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. Due to the large variety of content that 123movie is known to provide it has become one of the most popular streaming websites among others. One can enjoy movies from their browser on the tablet, computer or smartphone.

123movies – Watch Movies Online Info – Movies Upcoming Release Date, Reviews and Box Office Collection



123movies is also known to have its own app for Kodu and Roku devices. However, there are some intricate details that one needs to consider before visiting this particular website or installing the application.

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Is 123movies legal?

In the western countries, it is a fact that any content that is displayed without proper licenses is considered to be illegal. However, most of these streaming sites including 123 movies are known to operate in other parts of the world as well. They are usually based out of countries that do not have the strict copyright or anti-piracy laws.

123 movies is also known to use a solution that actually helps them circumvent even the law in certain countries. They simply link the pirated content instead of hosting the same on the website. When a person clicks on a movie the content gets streamed from a cyber-locker which is secure or another online source.

There is no dispute about the fact that 123 movies is illegal in the United States of America. They are known not to purchase licenses for the varied content that they offer on their websites. This is regardless of the fact that they may not host the content themselves. Whether you choose to watch movies on 123movies or not is a choice that is completely dependent on you.

Is 123movies safe?

To put it in simple terms the answer is a no. 123movies is not safe for a person to visit and stream movies. There are various reports from different users that this site does often distribute viruses and malware. This applies both to the mobile application and websites.

There are also various clone sites that do look very much like 123 movies. These fake sites are known to have been created solely to distribute malware. They need to be avoided at all costs. The malware and viruses are typically sent to the computer via Javascript that is contained on the website.

If a person does still choose to visit the site then they need to be ensured that their device whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone is protected by a Firewall and a quality anti-virus program. Without any prior protection on your device logging into such a site would be risky for your device. If you don’t want your device to get affected then its better that you get a good and quality anti-virus program installed and then log into such sites. Protection is always first.

What happened to the original 123movies.to the streaming site?

The MPAA which stands for the Motion Picture Association of America is known to have recently worked with the officials in Vietnam to shut down this particular website known as 123movies. While the original website did shut down, a lot of clones started coming up.

It is extremely difficult to keep track on which of these sites is the actual and official 123 movies. The official site is known to change its domain name often so as to remain active.

As these sites are being taken down one by one new one are emerging instantly and are infecting computers with malware and viruses. The clone sites are more likely to contain viruses and malware and are just as illegal as the original site.

Should you watch movies on 123 movies?

It is no surprise that this particular website known as 123movie managed to attract millions of visitors over the years. This, however, does not make the website safe or legal. While 123 movies is not known to host the content themselves, the content that a person may find on the streaming website is actually illegally obtained.

There is also the major risk that your device or computer may get infected with a malware or virus after spending time on 123 movies or the different fake clone websites.

There are various legal streaming sites available online that allow a person to stream videos for free or for a minimal fee. These sites may not be able to offer the same selection of titles in comparison to 123movies, but they are not illegal and are also less likely to infect your computer with malware or viruses.

The advantages of watching movies on 123movies

With the invention of computers and the internet, the events including renting a CD or a DVD in order to watch a movie has become obsolete. There are more movie buffs that exist in the world who nowadays appreciate the advantages and benefits of streaming a movie online.

According to various reports, more than 800 thousand subscribers in relation to DVD rental business have been lost over the last few months. This number is expected to grow over the next few months and years. Various sources quote that very soon the disc-based media is going to become a moment of the past and obsolete. This notion is known to have been actually supported by a technology analyst known as Rob Enderly. Now let us look into some of the advantages of watching movies on 123movies online.

If a person were to see the advantages that are brought by streaming movies online they would actually consider and switch hearts easily.


One of the main advantages of watching a movie on the internet is money. Renting a CD or a DVD is considered to be quite costly and usually, most of the popular ones are known to have a ridiculously high price. It may not be as costly as watching a movie in a movie theatre but once the accumulation of these sooner or later would actually round up to as pricey as watching a movie in a theatre. This is where streaming movies online are advantageous. The subscription costs are much lesser than renting a DVD and a person is able to enjoy movies non-stop as long as their subscription doesn’t expire. If a person is good at searching online then they can even find movie sites that are actually free of cost which means it doesn’t require even a subscription. One such example of a site being is 123movies. This means that a person now has a way of watching any movie without spending a single cent.

Saving time and effort

 Another big advantage of watching a movie online would be conserving time and effort. A person who does go to borrow a DVD from a store needs to make sure that they physically have to go the store which does take time. One needs to find out a parking lot and also roam around the whole room in order to find out the DVD that they might be looking for. This does consume a lot of time and effort. However, with the help of the internet, one can easily find a good spot in their house and simply stream their favourite movies online. Take for example a person can simply enter a website like 123movies and stream any movie of their choice.

Avoiding Events like Frustration

It is true that streaming movies online can avoid various events like getting frustrated. When a person does go in to rent a CD or a DVD and does not find the movie that they are looking for they might end up getting frustrated. It may be that another person has rented out the CD or DVD that you may have wanted to rent. These sorts of events simply are avoided while streaming movies online. Everyone can stream any movie that they want to watch online without any hassle. In the same scenario as mentioned above if two people wanted to rent a CD or DVD from a store then only one was able to rent it but both of them were to stream the same movie online then they can do so simultaneously on their respective devices without any hassle or get frustrated.

Technology improvement

Another advantage of streaming movies online is the fact that the internet technology is constantly improving each and every year. There are various online sites similar to 123movies whereby a person can enjoy streaming their favourite movie. With the constant improvement of the internet technology, people are able to download and stream at a much faster rate. The interface has become very easy to use and is much more user-friendly. The evolution of the internet has brought out new methods and possibilities of how a person will be able to enjoy their leisure time.

No bar on the limitation

A person who usually rents a DVD is limited to the number of movies that they can actually watch every day. DVD stores usually have a limit on how many movies you can rent each day. This limitation has been completely thrown out with the advent of streaming movies online. With the help of movies streaming a person is able to watch movies non-stop all throughout the day. The movies that the sites are known to offer are also not restricted to any one particular genre. The sites are known to have a large database wherein a person is able to choose whichever genre they would like to watch. It may include action, romance, horror or a comedy.

The invention of the computer and the internet has been really favourable for those individuals who have always enjoyed watching movies and also who had a tough time watching them in the theatres mainly due to money and time. Additionally there exist various devices nowadays which can actually be used in order to make your own movie theatre. A person can simply connect their computers to a large television or use even a projector to have a larger screen and utilize a good speaker to have a clearer and louder sound. Thus from the above discussion, we have gotten to know the advantages of streaming movies online.

Streaming movies online have become a piece of cake for people all around the world and with the help of free websites like 123movies enjoying your favourite movies online for free has become a walk in the park.

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