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By | September 7, 2018

Robot 2.0 Movie Release Date

The Tamil biggie Rajinikanth is all set to bless us in Rajni-style with his upcoming movie Robot 2.0. After the grand success and record-breaking box-office collection, S. Shankar, the director of Robot is all set to go big with the sequel, and the Robot 2.0 release date is being patiently awaited by millions.

With the blockbuster Robot in 2010, we’re proud to say that we definitely won’t settle for anything that is not breathtaking and Robot 2.0 has made it impossible for us to wait any longer. The top-notch visual and graphics as we have seen in the trailer, this movie will be a benchmark to surpass in the genre of Sci-Fi in India. So while we wait, here is almost everything to know about Robot 2.0.

Robot 2.0 Movie Release Date

Speculating the Robot 2.0 Release Date

The Robot 2.0 release date is like one of the things we’re most excited about right now, even more, that the actual movie Robot 2.0 which is to hit the screens in 3D, this Diwali. This much-awaited sequel of the Indian sci-fi movie Robot started the production and shootings during the month of December 2015. Initially, it was said that the Robot 2.0 release date was October 18th 2017, but in April 2017, Raju Mahalingam, COO of Lyca Productions declared that the Robot 2.0 release date had been postponed and we’re still waiting for the curtains to rise.

Sources say that the Robot 2.0 release date will be re-scheduled when the post-production of the whole movie has reached the end stages with all the VFX, and other visual works have been incorporated perfectly to make it a visual treat. The Robot 2.0 release date has also been strategized to beat the hype of Baahubali 2 with its release, and the huge budget of the movie is among one of the concerns that arose during scheduling Robot 2.0 release date.

The spectacular trailer that has already been released on YouTube and the posters and images and other associates of the film have gained a lot of attention already. It is now being speculated that the final Robot 2.0 release date maybe in the first quarter of 2018, 25th January 2018, keeping in mind the Republic Day 2018. We are all hopeful that this remains the set date because further delay may affect the fan base and also increase our expectations of the grand Robot 2.0.

Trailer of Robot 2.0

After the huge success of Robot, Robot 2.0 has also created the similar excitement, and the audience waits to see the grand spectacular. One of the main attractions this time is National Award winning actor Akshay Kumar being cast as a villain against our Thalaiva, Rajinikanth. The trailer that was released on YouTube features Akshay Kumar in a creepy robot look, and the little show of action and special effects has made eager to know the Robot 2.0 release date. All the teasers and trailer has been launched in 3D format. We can surely expect this movie to be in full 3D, goodness!

Casting of Robot 2.0

Robot 2.0 trailer clearly shows how the movie aims to recreate the wonders we all witnessed in the first edition of the series and now the upcoming movie has a star-crossed cast who have been gathered together in this platform to bring out the best possible sci-fi Indian movie and it is safe to say that the Robot 2.0 release date is already stirring excitement and the star cast is a complete magnet to pull crowd.

Rajinikanth: The ‘Thalaiva’ himself is the lead in this movie as well just like the first superhit movie, and without him, the sequel is not at all acceptable. He is reprising the role of our favorite ‘Chitti.’ His superior presence is enough for this movie to break all the crores and billions of records. Robot 2.0 release datewants to show how a new exciting role is being expected from Rajinikanth. But the Robot 2.0 release date is smartly set, and the trailer doesn’t give away the essence, so you will have to wait till it’s out later this year.

Akshay Kumar: Here comes the heartthrob of the 90s and early 2000s who has only gotten better with age and now is all set to play the antagonist in the sequel of Robot, as we can gather from the Robot 2.0 trailer while we wait for the Robot 2.0 release date. The duo itself is amazing, such strong lead and the villain have been cast, and surely this will be huge on the multiplexes.

Amy Jackson: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the first movie has been replaced by Amy Jackson of Singh is Bling fame. Amy Jackson as the lead and in opposite to Rajinikanth is an interesting equation, and her bits in the Robot 2.0 trailer surely looks promising, and the role is so intriguing that we cannot wait to know the Robot 2.0 release date and for the movie to hit the screens.

These are the three lead stars we are so excited to see in the movie. That definitely is not the end; the cast list also includes some well-known actors like Adil Hussain, Riyaz Khan and Sudhanshu Pandey who are seen to be playing important roles as we can gather from the Robot 2.0 trailer for now. With a Tamil and a Bollywood biggie in one frame, the wait for Robot 2.0 release is also tough.

Some Interesting Scoops Gathered about Robot 2.0

Since the release of the Robot 2.0 trailer and even before that, there has been hush-hush talks and thrill regarding the sequel of a benchmark Sci-Fi movie from India and the cine buff cannot wait for the Robot 2.0 release date Here are some interesting ones:

    • The budget for Robot 2.0 is approximately 350 crores, and this is one of the constraints in scheduling the exact Robot 2.0 release date.
    • This is the first completely ‘Make in India’ film project.

  • It speculated that Akshay Kumar is being paid a sum of INR 25 billion for this movie, feel poor yet? Go watch the Robot 2.0 trailer.
  • The first look of Robot 2.0 has been proposed to be launched at a special star-crossed event that will be hosted by Karan Johar.

  • The film is to hit the theaters on Diwali 2017 or in the first quarter of 2018. Whatever it is we’re just sitting here hyped about the Robot 2.0 release date.


The Best of Visual Techniques used

  • The Robot 2.0 movie unlike the usual 3D techniques of changing the 2D to 3D format was not their take. Robot 2.0 was completely shot using the 3D techniques. The futuristic feel that we get while watching the Robot 2.0 trailer has cost to makers a huge sum and this project is also a nudge for Indian Cinema to accept the 3D screens. This is one of the reasons that will mark the Robot 2.0 release date to be unique.
  • Computer graphics and the usage of helicams to shoot the action and fight sequences between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar are set to score high points in favors of the upcoming movie.
  • VFX designer Srinivas Mohan of ‘Baahubali’ fame has also worked on this upcoming project Robot 2.0, and it is being hoped that this will jump the records set by that film.

Did you know?

Apart from those interesting facts, a lot of interest and talks have been surrounded by the set and places where the film has been shot. The makers of Robot 2.0, Raju Mahalingam, COO, and Lyca Productions have said that the climax scene was shot in New Delhi at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and the rest of the whole film was shot in EVP Film City of Chennai.

It is being said that the awaited Robot 2.0 has already sold satellite rights of some whopping INR 110 crores. Reports say that Zee TV now has successfully bought the broadcasting rights. The Robot 2.0 trailer is so efficient to excite you, imagine the movie is coming in many languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. With the Robot 2.0 release date to be speculated around October 2017, it has also become the first most high-priced Indian movie that will be released in seven foreign languages as well.

With the trailer already out and the insurmountable excitement of the people who are waiting for the Robot 2.0, we only hope that we get to see some more of the excellent post-production work fast because it is definitely not easy when such a Rajinikanth movie is about to come out.

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