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By | August 28, 2018

 The Answer Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection: The main actor of the film Victor Banerjee has been known to captivate the audiences with all of his critically acclaimed roles all over the year. He has done movies like ‘A Passage to India’ and ‘Jogger’s Park’. These films were critically acclaimed all over the world. The veteran actor in the Answer movie has known to lend authenticity to the yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda. According to the producer, the film is about the life of the late American devotee who went by the name of Kriyananda.

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According to an interview given to IANS by the producer of the film Mrs. Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul, the film needed a talented and versatile Bengali actor. She further states that it was one of her dreams that Victor Banerjee does the role. She further states that the role of Paramhansa Yogananda required proper authenticity of tone and diction and there was no better actor except Victor Banerjee who could fit the role. If you wish to know more about the movie then you can go through the Answer movie reviews on the internet.

Victor Banerjee has been known to give this particular role his all. Apparently, he watched and researched on Master Paramhansa Yogananda’s videos. He is known to have carefully observed all the personality traits, voice, and diction.

The producer further stated that every intricate detail was taken into account so as to bring out the character of Swami Paramhansa Yogananda alive on the screen.

The producer of the film goes on to state that they had to bring a wig to the sets so as to get the authentic detailing to the dot. Even the costumes needed to have padding and there was a requirement of contact lenses as well. The reason for getting contact lenses is because Victor Banerjee is known to have light eyes while Swami Paramhansa had dark ones. Victor Banerjee did complete justice to the role as his transformation was almost perfect. According to the producer, the actor’s demeanor also fit that of Paramhansa Yogananda. The actor had himself mentioned that he did feel guided by the performance which came as a big relief for the producer and the makers of the film. The producer also stated Possibly Victor Banerjee is the only person who can play this role with such amount of perfection.

Yogananda was born in Gorakhpur who was known to move to the US in the year 1920. He is known to have lived in the United States until his death which was in 1952. Yogananda used to preach kriya yoga along with meditation to thousands of Americans. His book the ‘Autobiography of Yogi’ is considered to be a spiritual classic from the time it came out in 1946.

According to the producer, ‘The Answer’ is considered to be a true story that is written in the first person by James Donald Walters who was popularly called Swami Kriyananda. This movie is based on his autobiography ‘The New path.’

The film is about his experiences of living along with Paramhansa Yogananda. This film can be considered to be one of the first in its genres that depicts a guru and disciple relationship which is written as a first-person account.

The film is known to have been shot across there continents which includes Asia, Europe, and North America. Some of the other locations in the film include New York, Kolkata, and Bucharest.

This particular film is known to have been selected at the Central Florida Film Festival. The movie is also chosen for the awareness film festival in Los Angeles.

The producer further states, that they made sure that they broke the glass ceiling regarding slotting films in this genre in such a fashion. She states, that a spiritual film does not need to be poor in production value, quality, and technical finesse as is generally accepted.

Even though the movie has been simply narrated no intricate content of the film has been missed out. No effort has been spared so as to ensure the highest standards of technicality, proficiency, and production. All of this was properly maintained and monitored at every stage.

According to Mrs. Kaul, the script is not preachy or didactic even though the film is about a spiritual figure.

The film is simply known to show the story of a young American who was intense in his search as a seeker from his early days. The film shows how this led the young American in finding out his guru Paramhansa Yogananda. The content produced in the film is itself uplifting. It is known to answer each and every question that may ever arise in the mind of any soul. People will react to this movie differently as each of them will relate the movie in his or her own way so as to solve the mystery called life.

The role of Kriyananda who is known to have lived in India for many years has been played by the actor Leon Gulaptis who is known to hail from Australia. The film has been known to be directed by one Pawan Kaul who is a Bollywood veteran well known for his technical skills and expertise. The cinematographer of the film is one Hiroo Keswani and the editor of the film is Aseem Sinha.

The story on which the film is based is completely true. The experience that Swami Kriyananda is known to have with his leader Paramhansa Yogananda was based in California. The actor is known to have said in a statement that the movie has been made by an incredibly dedicated, disciplined and tolerant director. He was all praises for Pawan Kaul. The actor further stated that the director’s talent was completely visible in each and every frame. It is expected by the makers that the Answer movie box office collection is going to be good enough.

An important factor which should definitely be mentioned here is that when the director first heard about the story he knew instantly that the film will be great. It is a must watch for all of those people who believe in spirituality as the way of life. The film is dated to be released on 31st August of this year.

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