The Nun Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection

By | September 8, 2018

The Nun Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection: Horror films have taken a new turn in the recent years. People are enjoying the thrills and they are growing more lifelike. The Conjuring Universe has been a successful series of films loved a lot by the fans. Their recent release was ‘The Nun’ which came out recently. It has already caught the eyes of critics who loved the backstory and also the execution. Let us know a little more about the film and its story.

The Nun is basically a gothic supernatural horror film directed by Corin Hardy. It is based on a story written by Gary Dauberman and James Wan. It is distributed by the Warner Bros. Pictures. The main stars of the film are Jonas Bloquet, Demián Bichir and Taissa Farmiga. It runs for 96 minutes and it is in the English language. The budget for the film was $22 million. The shooting first started at the Castel Film Studios in Bucharest, Romania and then there were shootings at the Palace of the Parliament, the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara and in Sighișoara, Transylvania. They finished it in just 38 days.

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The Nun Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection

The Nun Movie Reviews & Box Office Collection

The Synopsis:

The movie is the backstory of the character called Valak that we encountered in ‘The Conjuring 2’. It is based in the year of 1952 in the Cârța Monastery where two nuns suddenly face an attack while searching for an artifact. One of them jumps out of the window and dies through hanging and then the Valak unveiled herself. The Vatican sends Father Burke for an investigation based on the mystery of the death of the nuns. He is accompanied by Sister Irene and both of them learn about the origins of the Valak in the monastery. They also talk about their experiences including that of Burke’s past where a boy died during an exorcism session. Frenchie, the helper learns about the presence of the entity in the village and he tries to warn Burke and Sister Irene. All the three protagonists go through a near-death situation before they finally are able to win over Valak. The last scene ends in 1971 when The Warrens come into the picture and they visit the Perron household.

Critical Reactions:

The early screening of “The Nun” has led to a rift in between the critics. Most of them have the thought that this spin-off prequel is not as good as the earlier installments. They are of the view that the constant low light setting in the crumbling castle gets boring after a while. The film tries to rely on the fear of the audience that they received in Conjuring 2. But they often fail to provide a strong backstory of the Valak or also about the demonic activities. They have used a grey almost in the entirety of the film and people may think that there is nothing new in it. The use of World War II and witchcraft is quite loose and illogical at times.

Critics do not think that this film was really necessary for the Conjuring Franchisee. But the makers have already made some plans to make a sequel to this film if they get a good reception from the audience. The gothic symbol is a big part of the film as they have used the Romanian castle in about 90 percent of the film. You can see the foggy surroundings along with the dark backgrounds. The director has successfully created something that makes us feel that we are in a gothic setting.

Almost all the critics have agreed that the best part about the movie was the cast that performed brilliantly through their acting capabilities. They often make us feel that we are actually in the situation with them. Taissa Flaming does a great job in playing Sister Irene just like her sister did in the earlier movies. The dark background of Burke also adds up to the story of the boy.

There are decent frightening scenes in the movie, especially during the times when Valak comes in close contacts with our protagonists. We feel for their lives and get scared just like them. The director has actually drawn inspiration from the horror movies that were created in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Some moments have been enacted very well and you will feel the situations. The consistency is missing but they are able to create a spooky atmosphere in the minds of the viewers.

The critics thought that the first and the last scenes worked out great as they were from the other films of the franchise. They helped in tying everything together to provide the audience with something more palatable than the scary glowing eyes of the Valak. But most critics thought that the film could have been better. They hope that the next installments will follow the route of the older installments of the franchise.

Reaction from Media:

The Conjuring franchise has been a hot favourite among people right from the time when The Conjuring was released in 2013. Right from the people have wanted to see more of the world and the people behind the movie have heard their response. They try to base their stories on real events or experiences but this installment didn’t have that element. The movie was set to release in the middle of the year but they pushed it to September to catch the market just like ‘It’ did in 2017. YouTube even banned the official trailer for being ‘Too Scary’ for their audience. This definitely created a larger anticipation among the fans of the franchise.

The movie house is definitely eager to see the box office turnout which they think will be great. They have a huge fan following throughout the world and it is all set to release for the audience. We do think that the jump scares and the scary Valak will be able to scare a lot of people. They will find this backstory interesting and it will act as a way to the next installment of the franchise. We hope for the best of the film and about its box office outcome.

The movie has been expected to well worldwide along. People are estimating to Nun movie collection to be overwhelming.

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