Watch Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam

By | September 7, 2018

Watch Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam: Robot 2.0 is an upcoming Indian science fiction film which is a sequel to the movie Robot. A robot was released in the year 2010 which was a blockbuster hit. After the box office breaking collection of Robot, a sequel was much expected to the movie. Director S.Shankar readily announced the making of the sequel after witnessing the overwhelming response from Robot. The shooting for Robot 2.0 started back in December, 2015. It was previously scheduled to release this year on 18th October, 2017 during Diwali. But due to certain issues the release of the film has been postponed.

We all know that the movie Robot had a fantastic star cast with Rajinikanth in the male lead and Aishwarya Rai bachchan in the female lead. The thailavasuperstar also played the role of Chitti Robo, who turned evil after falling into the wrong hands. After such a grand star cast in the first film, it is obvious that the makers had to come up with something even better to impress the audience. As you already know, the Indian audience is hard to impress and obviously very demanding.

The star cast of Robot 2.0 is nothing less than what it was in Robot. We have Rajinikanth, without whom the movie is just lifeless in the lead role and Akshay kumar in the lead negative role. Yes, this time our very own Khatro k Khiladiis playing the role of the villain in the movie Robot 2.0. Isnt that amazing? Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar acting in the same movie, I guess this is enough reason to pull the audience to the theatres. The only big change that has been brought into the cast of Robot 2.0 is that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been replaced by Amy Jackson. This beautiful lady from the movie Singh Is Bliinghas managed to steal the role from our worlds beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This change in the lead female role may upset the fans of Aishwarya but lets be positive. According to sources, Amy Jackson has worked really hard on the sets of Robot 2.0 so we better give her a chance.

Watch Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam

Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer

Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer

The audience is eagerly waiting for the release of the Robot 2.0 trailer and the movie. Well, isnt that obvious? After what we witnessed in Robot, a second round of scifi mania to hit the big screens is much needed. The jawdropping visual effects left the audience completely awestruck at the end of the movie. The movie Robot had used the best of visuals and VFX to achieve that level of perfection with all that fighting scenes. This has definitely raised the audiences expectation bar for Robot 2.0. The makers have assured that they have used international level graphics, visuals and VFX technology in Robot 2.0. Already intrigued? Well. I am too. Until and unless the movie is released, we have to keep a check on our excitement level. Even before the release, Robot 2.0 is creating quite a buzz in the industry. It is estimated that the movie Robot 2.0 has a budget of Rs 350 crores. This has made Robot 2.0 the most expensive film in the entire Indian film industry. Therefore, the expectations of both the makers and the audience is much high from this film.

Robot 2.0 Movie Facts

Lets have a look through some of the interesting facts about Robot 2.0.

  • It has been known, that Akshay Kumar has charged a whopping amount of INR 25 billion for his role in the movie.
  • Robot 2.0 has a budget of Rs 350 crores.
  • Akshay Kumar has agreed to be punched on his face by the south superstar Rajinikanth because he admires the latter as a legendary actor and an amazing human being.
  • Robot 2.0 marked the debut of Legacy Effects which is an American special effects studio for animatronics effects and prosthetic makeup.
  • The first official look of Robot 2.0 is to be launched at a special event hosted by Karan Johar.

Well, there you got a bit of inside scoop about the movie.

Akshay Kumars Look in Robot 2.0

We are so used to see our Akkiin a handsome and dashing look in all his movies. But this time for a change he is playing the role of an evil robot that looks nothing close to being handsome. He has been given prosthetic makeup to achieve this look for his unusual role.

The first look of the posters is already out which features Rajinikanth as Chitti and Akshay Kumar as evil robot. Here you can witness the look of Akshay Kumar, that how crazy he looks. He has also tweeted on his twitter account with the caption that, evil has a new face.’ Surely, it does because with all that insane makeup Akshay Kumar is looking completely evil. It seems that the makers have paid special attention on the looks of the villain than the hero of the movie. The audience is already intrigued with the first look of the posters and is eagerly waiting for the Robot 2.0 trailer and the movie to hit the theatres.

Robot 2.0 Trailer

Robot 2.0 is one of the most awaited Indian films. Despite of being the fact that it’s a south movie, there’s a huge anticipation with this movie in the Bollywood because of Akshay Kumar being there. The first look of the Robot 2.0 and posters is already out and has gathered a lot of attention. It’s featuring Akshay Kumar in a creepy robot avatar. The release of the movie date is still yet to be confirmed because it has already been postponed once. Now the audiences are eagerly waiting for the release of the Robot 2.0 trailer. According to sources, the makers are planning to release the Robot 2.0 trailer of in a grand event hosted by Karan Johar. They are planning to release of Robot 2.0 trailer this year in November on shankranti. But, the good news is that the teaser of the film has already been released this year on 14th April, 2017.

The teaser has been launched in 3D. So, you would need 3D glasses to watch the teaser. From this we can expect that the movie will also be released in 3d as well. It is more of a graphical introduction than a proper teaser. Like Robot, the makers have used hi-tech graphics for quite a lot of scenes. The visual effects and VFX used in the movie is of International level. The tagline of the movie is, “the world is not only for humans’ indicating the presence of Supernatural powers or Robots in this case. Thus, it shows the battle between two superpowers.

According to the movie, it is shown that the world is in danger because of Dr. Richard which is played by Akshay Kumar. In the movie, he plays the role of a humanoid who wants to take over the world. Now, it is up to Chitti to save the world from his evil hands. Akshay Kumar is shown to start the teaser but, Rajinikanth’s presence has not been shown much in the promo. AR Rahman seems to have done a great job in the background score. There’s a small twist in that I would like to reveal to you guys. Apart from Akshay Kumar’s character, Rajnikanth’s character too has some shady sides. Well. I bet you didn’t know this up till now. The teaser is more of an introduction promo so it’s hard to rate it. But Robot 2.0 is surely going to set a new benchmark in the world of Indian cinemas.

With all the hype about Robot 2.0 everybody is just waiting for it to hit the screens. Starting from its budget to the use of graphics and the star cast everything is extraordinary about this movie. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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