Watch The Nun Movie Trailer Online

By | September 9, 2018

Watch The Nun Movie Trailer Online: The Nun movie is considered to be the most highly anticipated outing, which is known to have come from the conjuring universe. The Nun will be released as of today amidst high expectations. The horror drama is known to hold the key to the complete inception of the Conjuring. This particular news was more than enough to excite all the followers regarding this franchise. Now let us take a look into its storyline along with the plot and other interesting features associated with the film.

Story: The story starts off with Father Burke played by Demian Bichir and siter Irene played by Taissa Farmiga who are seen following the orders were given from the Vatican city. They are seen entering an abbey situated in Romania in order to find out the reason behind the mysterious death of a nun. While searching they come to know for a certain fact that the abbey is actually considered to be one of the most haunted places found on the earth. It is to be believed that the particular abbey is not only supposed to be one of the most haunted places on earth, but also is one of the most haunted places in the universe.

It is later shown that due to their bad luck apparently Siter Irene and Father Burke were stuck helplessly in the unholy place. Their target was to cease and take care of the evil spirit known as Valak. Valak has been shown to be trying to enter the open world. The movie revolves around the fact about whether the priest and the sister will be successful in defeating Valak and whether the demon will actually bow down in front of human power. All of these questions are known to have been answered on the big screen finally after the long wait.

Watch The Nun Movie Trailer Online

Watch The Nun Movie Trailer Online

Positives about the movie: The movie is shown to start off on a completely exhilarating note. The viewers do get to see some of the major incidents that do form the core of the complete plot of the Conjuring Universe. During the opening sequences, the viewers are shown somewhere in Romanian abbey. There is a door which is shown to bear a transcript that apparently reads ‘God ends here’. This particular scene of the movie is known to be bone-chilling and does send jitters down the spine of the audiences.

The actress playing the sister can be considered to be a big plus for the movie because she is seen managing and emulating key emotions that is vital to the film. Her acting is shown to add a lot of intensity to the scenes and proceedings. The supporting cast of the film is also known to have played their part very well bringing in a sort of authentic vibe which does add positively to the film. The pre-climax of the movie is also known to form the crux of the whole movie, which is also known to offer a few chills and thrills for the audience. The background score that is shown to run during these sequences is known to give the movie an apprehensive feel.

Negatives about the movie: Despite the idea that the movie is known to have a crisp runtime the viewers may feel that the second half of the movie did run a bit too long or was stretched a bit too much. Some of the horror scenes in the movie whereby the ghost just appears out of nowhere seem to be forced in the movie. It has been done simply with the motive to intimidate the viewers.

The resurrection plot regarding the evil spirit is not considered to be very convincing. The viewers in this area may simply outsmart the storyteller. Adding to all of this novelty seems to take a complete hit at the beginning of the second half of the movie. There are various unnecessary and not so important sub-plots that take up the center stage. This does, in the end, damage the flow of the movie.

This particular movie is solely shown to the bank on the unholy spirit Valak that is known to have given sleepless nights to all of the followers of the Conjuring series. However, the bone-chilling factor does get minimized due to the loopholes left in the narration.

Technicalities: The director of the movie Mr. Corin Hardy did manage to get in and induce a few scary moments in the movie. His overall output, however, is shown to fall short of the expectation. He has not made full use of the demon Valak which may be probably the most dreadful creature and the demon of the Conjuring series.

James Wan, who is known to have directed the Conjuring, has fallen short. The fans did expect a lot more out of him, especially after making the creepy movie The Conjuring. The movie Conjuring is known to have been laced by horror content that did have novelty and conviction right up till the end which is really missing in the movie The Nun.  The camera work is simply outstanding and out of this world. The Romanian abbey is shown to have been captured in an excellent manner. The dark colour grading is shown to have been portrayed in a brilliant fashion. The cinematographer Mr. Maxime Alexandre does deserve special mentioning out here.

Verdict: To review the movie as a whole the Nun does have a few scary moments of its own but the movie does fall short of the expectations. The reason it falls short of the expectations is due to the lack of cinematic novelty. On the positive side, the viewers do get to see what exactly took place before the Conjuring and basically the events that eventually lead to the birth of the most renowned horror franchise. However, the plot fails does hamper in bringing out the best out of Valak. This will surely end up disappointing most of the viewers.  Viewers can give this movie a go if all they are looking for is horror drama along with some thrills. The viewers, however, need to keep their expectations in check.    

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